*something new...

Wesites are a tricky thing, and what I mean by that is this.

Everyone has their little group of sites they check everyday, then some they check weekly, monthly, ect.  Then there are Newsletters and RSS which also comes in to play.  That being said, a website that might be new to you is most likely old to someone else (not counting an actual NEW site).

While scouring the net for stuff to post here and on mmumblr, I come across a fleet of awesome sites that I either bookmark, forget or really have no need for (you might though).

So Hopefully a few times a month I can post up a few of my latest finds on the /blog page of mmolai.  Maybe you've already seen one, maybe not...

*Also, I would like a name for these series of posts.  So If you got an idea you can drop a comment or fill out the form on the right --->

**Feel free too also use that form to drop me links of some cool, new site you think I should post.  Be modest and not just fill in your blog where every 3rd post is you or something you've eaten :)

***These sites will most likely never be directly design related

Click HERE for the first installment