RIP CS3... (questionmark)

This story is more for my Mac followers (I guess) so my windows friends can skip this post, and giggle if you'd like.

I've been pretty bummed that I can't upgrade to Snow Leopard because I'm still on CS3. I just realized I have a blog so I thought I'd say something.  I find it a little embarrasing for someone, and by reactions from the web, the blame goes to Adobe.  Obviously this creates a way for people to spend $$$ on upgrades and what not, but come on!  Adobe setup an CS3 "know issues" page, which for the most part states "No major issues".  A couple for photoshop, but no mention of illustrator.  Now when you turn to the faithful interwebs, mainly twitter, some peoples definition of "no major issues" is slighlty askew.  (CS3 Snow Leopard search results - Link).  I personally haven't attempted to upgrade, because I'm on illustrator 10+ hours a day and can't afford to have issues.  So I am using blogs and twitter for my news on the matter.  I have seen something about turning back on Rosetta, blah, blah, blah for a fix, but I can't say. 

Anyway the point is, this situation is kinda of a mess and I hope that a real fix is issued soon. If any viewers have experience on the matter leave the comment.