mmolai freebie - Vector Typeface : RPVS

Vector Typeface : RPVS

Vector fonts seem to be the new rage, I have posted 2 the last 2 weeks ( one and two )

This one is from the extinct typeface "Roman Print Variously Shaded" (c.1800)
I found this in an old typeface book and scanned it 1200dpi.

Below is a more detailed example

I have also created along with it several duplicates/alternates; three "B's", three "C's", five "E's", five "F's", four "H's", seven "I's", two "M's", three "P's" and three "R's". (Located in the hidden layer of the .EPS)

Below are a couple of examples.

Get it HERE on DeviantArt or HERE on Vecteezy

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