Fan Cloth production video

As big fan of the hobby and arts side of screen printing this machine really places itself on the other side of the spectrum.  This is the Image STE [link] it's made for speed and effciency, and Fan Cloth has 1 of less than 100 currently on the market.

You go from a coated and waiting screen to the wash station/booth in less than a minute.  All perfectly exposed and registrated. Amazing!

New to someone sites

New sites... maybeSuperPunch - A hodgepodge of basically... fun; toys, posters, crafty things, ect.


CtotheJL - Mostly guys apparel / softgoods, kinda like format or highsnobiety. I just found this site earlier from...


Oh I LOVE the Daily What - This site, a tumblr, posts lots of randomness that makes up the internet.  The best part is how up to the minute it is, somewhat news like. If there's a story or meme breaking on the internet it's already up on TheDailyWhat

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The blog... of randomness

        This is the test/1st post for the blog side of   Which I know, might be silly seeing how it is a blog, but oh well.   Sometimes I just wanna post my favorite iPhone apps or top "somethings" or rant on a product, ect.  So thats what this page will be for, and I dont really want to clutter mmumblr with long multi-picture posts! 

Image unrelated.